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12 Apps For Your Gizmos and Gadgets

Remember that feeling you get when you took your new phone out of the package? Whether you were gentle with it like a newborn or tore through the packaging like a toddler on Christmas day, you were undoubtedly excited about your new toy.

Don’t think you’ll get that new smart device you’ve begging for? Good news for you: There’s a great chance you will.

According to Consumer Technology Association, 68%, or roughly 170 million people, plan to buy technology gifts this holiday season.

And with new devices comes new apps, and here at Belo + Company, we are giddy over apps.

They don’t call us nerds for nothing

With over a million apps available to download (over 1.3 million apps in Google Play and over 1.2 million available in the Apple App Store), it can get overwhelming to decide which ones to download. Don’t fret; we’re here to help.

Jeremy Frazier
Title: SEM/SEO Specialist
App: Spotify
Favorite feature: Being able to listen to my playlist offline without using data.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Alex Navarro
Title: Senior Content Marketing Strategist
App: Google Photos
Favorite feature: I can take multiple photos without running out of space on my phone. Google Photos provides unlimited storage plus creates animations and collages with the photos you back up.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Courtney Todd
Title: Vice President of Marketing
App: Slice
Favorite feature: Slice gathers any tracking numbers from my email accounts and keeps track of everything that I’ve ordered. I don’t have to open all the different emails or apps to see when my packages will arrive. It’s perfect during the holidays!
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Jordan Martin
Title: Director of Paid Media
App: Go A2B
Favorite feature: You can compare prices and destination times from ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Adam Miller
Title: Director of Sales & Business Development
App: Google Home
Favorite feature: The voice-powered speaker allows me to control everything without lifting a finger. I can be on my couch and turn down the thermostat or check to make sure my alarm is on at home from the app.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free
Google Home device: $129 https://madeby.google.com/home/

Wendi Hollenbeck-Loyet
Title: Senior Account Manager, SEO
App: Any.do
Favorite feature: Any.do is perfect for creating and organizing multiple lists and syncing them with multiple users.
Available: App Store and Google Play

James Neal
Title: Marketing Technology Specialist
App: Djay Pro
Favorite feature: It’s an affordable DJ software that’s compatible with almost every DJ controller on the market. As a DJ hobbyist, it’s a great app too!
Available: App Store | Cost: $49.99

Joseph Stewart
Title: Director of SEO
App: Design Home
Favorite feature: You can become an HGTV star in the palm of your hand. Design Home allows you to design a room and compete against other users. The higher the grade, the more money you get for furnishings.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Claire Fitzpatrick
Title: CRO Specialist
App: Twitter
Favorite feature: You’re able to connect with multiple people and get information from different points of view on various topics. It’s a great way to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Clarissa Nash
Title: Visual Marketing Specialist
App: Duolingo
Favorite feature: I don’t have time to take Spanish classes outside of work, but this app is a great replacement. Under 10 minutes a day, I’m able to practice different nouns and verb tenses. There are 20 other languages available (including French) that I want to try to learn too.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Adam Blye
Title: SEO Content Specialist Intern
App: Quizlet
Favorite feature: No matter the subject, you can learn and create flashcards and quizzes or use quizzes and flashcards from other users to learn on any subject.
Available: App Store and Google Play | Cost: Free

Ken Tippens
Title: Sr. SEO Manager
App: iTunes Podcast
Favorite feature: I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts including The Dinner Table, Intelligent Square, and Another Round.
Available: App Store | Cost: Free (default on iPhone)

From all of us at Belo + Company, have a happy holiday and may your new gift no longer feel bare with these great app suggestions.