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3 Ways to Combine Paid Search and Display Advertising

3 Ways to Combine Paid Search and Display Advertising

Trying to decide between paid search and display advertising? A word of advice: Don’t put your eggs (aka marketing dollars) into one basket. Instead, consider combining the two tactics to maximize your digital efforts.

While both digital strategies work well alone, integrating paid search and display advertising can help drive traffic to your business and give you a major boost in ROI.

If you’re ready to combine the two online advertising powerhouses, try these three tactics:

1. Focus On Your Keywords

Like with any online marketing and advertising tactic, choosing the right keywords is important. When developing campaigns for both paid search and display advertising, optimizing your keywords to target your customers should be a key objective. Not doing so can result in limited success with both strategies. Using keyword research tools like Keyword Planner can help you determine which custom segments to target against so you reach your potential customers by specific search terms.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Creative

Again, keywords should be a major focus, but as highly visual people, you don’t want to forget about your creatives. The right keyword optimization coupled with powerful branded graphics will help with retargeting, increase brand recognition and push your potential customer through to the next step of your buyer’s journey.

3. Define Your Goals

Search and display advertising work differently, however, they have the same end goal — to grow your sales and business. Since search targets potential customers that are actively looking for a specific product or service and display advertising targets those who are engaged with consumer-focused content, defining your goals will help you create a cohesive strategy. Are you interested in maximizing your brand reach or maybe driving business towards a new product or service? Whatever your goal may be, defining it before you start your campaigns will help you leverage the real strengths of each advertising channel.

Bonus: Test and Then Check Out Varied Metrics

Fortunately, online advertising gives you the opportunity to test and pivot when needed. To do so, A/B test your campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of the combined strategies and dig deep into the different variables. This allows both paid search and display to work better together.

Having an integrated digital advertising strategy that includes paid search and display  advertising gives you the chance to reach new customers at the top of your funnel while effectively moving them through it and giving you the best of both worlds.

Do you have questions about paid search, display advertising or the two together? We can help. Contact the digital advertising and marketing experts at Belo + Company to get the answers.