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October 23, 2018
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Expand Your Social Vision in 3 Steps

Social vision takes a holistic approach by incorporating more than just digital marketing strategies. A social vision expands on content and innovative machine learning systems that understand where users are and what they navigate through to land on your brand on social media.

In today’s world, the future of successful advertising has found its way into the hands of consumers — literally. Now more than ever, consumers are receiving information from their mobile devices, and it’s up to businesses to integrate this tool into their social vision. Here are three ways how.

1 – Understand the Digital Consumer

In today’s social media landscape, it is crucial to cultivate a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviors, preferences and psyches. A growing curiosity about consumer patterns has led businesses to creatively engineer their ads order to target audiences in new ways.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a powerful tool for understanding audiences and influencing their buying habits. In fact, today’s consumers are becoming more likely to purchase a product based on algorithmic recommendations. Google is a prime example of this use of AI. Google search uses algorithms to analyze words, match queries and tailor results based on a user’s history.

The revolutionary approach of understanding and following consumer patterns through AI and other digital marketing tools is just the beginning of establishing a social vision.

2 – Apply the “Less Is More” Principle

The exponential growth of media outlets means that the average consumer is exposed to an average of 5,000 ads and branding messages a day. Not surprisingly the consumer’s attention span shortens with every ad they see. For this reason, well-written copy should be memorable and thought-provoking.

Today’s consumers are intrigued by minimalistic ad content and imagery. In fact, many consumers are using filters, emojis and GIFs on social to wordlessly convey ideas and messages. A great way to enhance your brand’s presence is by incorporating memorable phrases. Ads are moving towards minimalism in a way that quickly captures attention. A great approach to copywriting is to mirror your audience’s objectives and add emotional triggers. A powerful message can be done by incorporating active verbs and a call to action.

Keeping ads simple can be a challenge for brands, but it’s a strong strategy that has been proven to increase engagement and retention.

3 – Revamp Your Creative Display

Optimizing your social vision comes from optimizing your online presence. This appearance relies heavily on creative content. In connection to a consumer’s attention span, the use of colors, images, 360-degree virtual reality content and interactive ad formats can determine whether or not your creative has the power to convert.

Investing in creative and planning is a good place to start. The images in a design should be attractive and relevant to the message. Sticking to the visual style and consistency of brand themes is also important to maintain a quality presence. Considering that the graphic will also be displayed in a mobile platform, the pixel quality and dimensions of an image should be adjusted to fit different screen sizes. The use of an image should be intentional, engaging and relevant to your overall marketing objective. The consumer is more likely to pay attention to an ad when it features simple but eye-catching creative.

Bringing it All Together

The social vision of advertising is all about understanding your consumer, optimizing your visual presence and identifying ways to present your brand in a creative way. As the culture of technology continues to migrate toward mobile, advertising needs to adapt to mobile user patterns and behaviors. Enhancing your social performance is possible with innovative and creative digital marketing strategy.


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