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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Carousel Ads

In the complex realm of digital marketing, advertisers constantly struggle with effectively showcasing their brand in the midst of such a competitive environment. While unique targeting and relevant ad placements play a vital role in standing out, visual ad formats are also a key piece to this puzzle.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text so it is extremely important that ads are immersive and engaging. Facebook’s popular Carousel Ad is exactly this… visual, alluring, and inviting.

With Carousel Ads, advertisers can exhibit up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. These ads contain a plethora of creative space for advertisers to highlight different products, showcase specific details about one product/service/promotion, or tell a compelling narrative.

Carousel Ads essentially give consumers the ability to browse through multiple products, ultimately driving product discovery, attention, and intent.


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Benefits of Carousel Ads

When deciding whether or not to run Carousel Ads, there are a few benefits to keep in mind.

First and foremost, this ad format is highly visible on desktop, tablet and mobile, ultimately widening potential consumer reach. Because it lives in the Facebook News Feed, it is able to be a true cross-platform ad format that can reach your audience no matter the device. 

Secondly, Carousel Ads give advertisers a ton of options. They allow advertisers to link each image to specific landing pages and use different CTAs. The slideshow format allows for creative experimentation for the images. It is always fun to see how different companies and brands use Carousel Ads to tell their story.

Furthermore, Facebook has made it easy to run tests and optimize your campaign. If you select auto-optimize, Facebook will automatically choose the best ads to feature first, based on performance. This can remove guesswork and advertisers can apply a data-driven model to this type of ad. Belo + Company loves any chance to test and use data to drive better results


Great Uses of Carousel Ads

There are a plethora of ways one can use Carousel Ads. We’ve seen success with Carousel Ads when the ads showcase certain products, tools, or features of a service. But just because you have multiple images doesn’t mean you have to showcase multiple products. A fun idea is to highlight a single product by showing its benefits throughout a number of slides. 


There are tons of out-of-the-box strategies that could help advertise your product. A fun way to showcase a product is to use the slides to show how to use your product or give expert tips. Another creative way to use Carousel Ads for a service or B2B business is to display their positive reviews on the slides. We have done this last strategy and seen great success for our clients.


Best Practices for Carousel Ads

Bold imagery is key for effective Carousel Ads but here are some other best practices to keep in mind when launching your campaign.


In addition to paying close attention to your ad copy, make sure relevant call-to-actions are used. Choose the CTA that is most applicable to your business objective. There are the current options you can use:

  • Call Now
  • Book Now
  • Apply Now
  • Contact Us
  • Download
  • Get Directions
  • Learn More
  • Get Showtimes
  • Send Message
  • Request Time
  • Save
  • See Menu


Your call-to-action is also next to your headlines and the headline is how you entice your audience. A best practice here would be to make sure your headlines are concise and pertinent. Essentially, make every word count since Facebook has character limits. Try to avoid generic “Click here!” copy and opt for something more in line with your brand’s messaging.

Photo Tips

The photos for your carousel should be related in some way, shape or form. Once you pick your photos, it is crucial that you mind your color scheme. Colors definitely count if you’re trying to catch the attention of someone randomly scrolling through their Facebook feed. Although you don’t necessarily have to gravitate towards loud or bright colors, doing so will certainly draw more eyeballs to your ads.

Always put your strongest image first. The first image in your carousel ad is the one that your audience will always see, whether they swipe through the rest of the pictures or not so ensure that the first image is captivating.

Holistically when looking at your images and copy, make sure you are a telling a story through your Carousel Ads. If you’re like 99.99% of people, the story is what will resonate with you most. This is why brand storytelling matters so much: statistics validate your point, but the story is the point. And last but not least, focus on entertaining, helping and getting your viewer’s interest and your carousel ads will get a much better response.

Get Started with Facebook Carousel Ads

At the end of the day, people use Facebook to unwind and be entertained, not sold to. Carousel Ads provide a way for you as an advertiser to provide “thumb-stopping content” that delights and becomes a natural extension of their social media experience.

Follow these best practices to utilize Facebook Carousel Ads to great success for your brand today!


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