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November 7, 2016
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Google Tag Manager Workspaces

Learning to play nice

A few weeks ago a coworker was adding marketing pixels to a site which we were both working on. This coworker’s changes were simple: display a certain tag from a certain vendor on specific pages. My changes were a little different: rewrite an iframe and attach a cookie to its source.

I reached a stopping point and went home for the day. And by stopping point, I mean nowhere near finished. We hadn’t received the URL to place in the src for the iframe yet.

Well, my coworker finished his changes and wanted to publish the container. However, due to my pending changes that weren’t ready yet, he wasn’t able to publish their changes without publishing mine and had to wait until I finished my work the next day to do so.  Basically, coworker 1’s progress was stalled out for a day, and he left the office with unfinished work, which is never a good feeling.

If only there was some way for us to operate in the same space.

our get along shirt

Along comes Workspaces.

With Workspaces, Google Tag Manager allows you up to two additional spaces in which to work. Your marketing team, for example, could create and prep marketing pixels for an upcoming campaign at the same time the development team implements new js script snippets. When one team is ready, they need not worry about what the other is doing; they can simply update the current container and then push their changes afterward.

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