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Belo + Company Promotes Internal Growth with Marketing-a-Thon Event

“And the winner is…”

Four teams of Belo + Company employees held their breath as they awaited the announcement of who would be crowned the winner of the first-ever inter-company Marketing-a-Thon.

The Agency Dilemma

Employees at agencies use their marketing talents for client brands, but don’t always get the opportunity to market for the company they work for.

Belo + Company has some of the best marketers working in a wide variety of specializations: from PPC to Social Media; from Analytics to Video Content. While these marketers are focused on bringing success to clients, they don’t always get time to apply their talents and skills to their own organization.

This dilemma is something we wanted to overcome by creating an event for employees to use their own skills to Belo + Company. The solution: a Marketing-a-Thon.


What is a Marketing-a-Thon?

  • 20 marketers
  • 4 teams
  • 3 hours
  • $50 gift card prizes
  • 1 team crowned Marketing-a-Thon champ

In short: a Marketing-a-Thon is a 3-hour sprint for a team of marketers to work on a project that would help Belo + Company grow. After the 3 hours, each team was required to present their project to their peers and a judging committee.

The projects would be judged on:

  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Impact to Company

For our event, teams were chosen in advance to allow people time to get acquainted and begin early planning. When the big day arrived, participants were ready to get started.

The Event in Action

Shortly after a kickoff in the morning, teams broke out into different areas around the office to quickly brainstorm ideas and get to work.

Some team members were good friends and others had never worked together before. The intermingling of personalities and departments led to new ideas and innovative strategies. Here is a quick overview of what each team came up with for the event.

Team 1

A multi-channel content marketing strategy that aligns with Belo + Company’s 5 core values and executes them both internally and externally. Belo + Company would treat itself as a paying client and use the internal resources to better market ourselves as only we know how.

Team 2

When you Google “Dallas Marketing Agency” or other like terms, “Ratings and Review” websites make up a majority of the page one Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Team 2 created a plan to add Belo + Company to review websites in the days following the Marketing-a-Thon. 

Team 3

SWAG! Team 3 decided that Belo + Company needed cool SWAG options for employees, clients, and prospects. They designed a line of funky B+C inspired gear including a B+C Calendar, a Thinking Cap, and Taco headphone holders. Their presentation was humourous and got the groups pumped up.

Team 4 (aka Tide Pod)

The Tide Pod presented with the efficiency and innovation of a well-curated Apple event. Their idea: a pre-planned content marketing strategy with monthly themes that they mapped out. “In order to be a thought leader, we need to show prospective clients that we are experts in the digital marketing space. This will benefit our rankings in organic search because we will be discussing current updates and the importance and benefits of all of our services within a marketing plan.” 

The Winners

After much deliberation, Team 2 took the cake.

A combination of their innovative idea and their concrete action plan made this the project that would have the most immediate and needed impact to the company.

In the weeks following the event, the team has diligently followed their action plan and listed Belo + Company on the top rankings sites on Google. This has helped increase exposure for Belo + Company in a tangible way. 



Companies must give employees the opportunity and time to cultivate a culture of innovation. The collaboration of employees from disparate teams can lead to fantastic new ideas that otherwise would never have been devised. 

The Marketing-a-Thon allowed Belo + Company employees to flex their marketing muscles in new ways and truly contribute to growth and innovation at the company.


Blaine McGaffigan
Blaine McGaffigan
Blaine is the Marketing Specialist for Belo + Company. Content marketing, strategy, and SEO are his expertise, but he is interested in all kinds of online and offline ways to grow a company. Blaine strives for creativity in everything he does by bringing a sincere voice and sound design to every project.